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Fall Gardening



Themed "Passport to Texas" the theme aims to further support travel and tourism within the state, encouraging you to get out and discover some of Texas' hidden gems. Food, fun, rides, entertainment, and amazing landscaping set the State Fair of Texas apart from all the rest.  Gardens for Texas is proud to be one of the featured landscapers at the state fair helping to turn the grounds into a garden of fresh and beautiful garden displays.
We are always willing to donate our time and expertise to events that promote community, education, and family.  Texans appreciate the beauty of their state and the fair gives landscapers the opportunity to showcase our services to the community as well as stimulate the senses of attendees with vibrant colors and different landscape elements.
Our team is excited to be a part of the state fair Fall Garden program and we are looking forward to you enjoying our work and the work of other landscapers at the fair.  Be sure to let us know what you think of our landscaping bed and enjoy some family fun while you're at it! This year's exposition will run Friday, September 25 through Sunday, October 18 at historic Fair Park in Dallas. 

Bee Buzz: 

We need bees!  Unfortunately, bees have gotten a bad rap.  People see them as a nuisance and a threat instead of a vital part of our food supply.
So, why are they so important and why would you want to attract them to your plants?  Simply put, bees are the best pollinators and all gardens need pollinators.  Without bees, there would be a scarcity of flowers, fruits, and vegetables.  Attracting bees will ensure that your flowers and plants will grow and multiply.

We want honeybees to survive and in order for them to survive, they need pollen and nectar.  Some of the things you can do to attract bees to your garden include the following:
1) Plant flowers that are blue, white, yellow, or purple ~ these are their favorite colors.
2) Encourage them to stay by providing a nesting area or shelter.
3) Avoid all pesticides and instead use non-toxic bug and weed controls. 
4) Let weeds grow in your yard.  By doing so, you are creating a safe place for them where they will pollinate and help turn your garden into a beautiful, blooming space.

Happy Planting! 

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Let Gardens for Texas create a beautiful and well-maintained landscape for you. 

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Start Planting Your Garden Now For An Impressive Spring Showing 

Although spring is still 6 months away, this is the best time to start planning and planting new gardens.  Temperatures are dropping but the soil is warm and perfect for root development; therefore, by the time springs rolls around your  plants will be fully developed and will be able to withstand the Texas hot summer.   By starting now, you will have a garden which will flourish with abundance of leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds when spring arrives.

We at Gardens for Texas are experts in design and installation of Texas Native and drought tolerant landscape!  Give us a call and let's start planning for next year!
Tips for Fall

Plant trees and shrubs

Fertilize Trees, shrubs and lawns

Remove spent blooms of summer flowers

Plant winter color at the end of October

Plant spring flowering bulbs after first freeze

Remember to water if we don't get any rain

Call Gardens for Texas!!
The New Way To Make Trampolines A Pleasing Addition To Your Landscape

Kids love trampolines and they have provided many hours of outdoor fun and exercise for the kiddos.  However, traditional trampolines do nothing to enhance the beauty of your landscape and doctors, for years, have warned parents about their dangers. 

In Ground Trampolines, on the other hand, are much safer and can provide hours of fun with fewer safety hazards.  Unlike traditional trampolines, an in-ground trampoline can blend into your backyard, become a visually pleasing addition, and are an ideal complement to any landscape design.  They are also much safer since they are closer to the ground, making injuries from falls less common, they can accommodate a safety net, and they are securely anchored into the ground preventing tipping. 


If interested in exploring this landscape option,please contact us.  For additional information on In-Ground Trampolines, please contact:

John Jenkins
GSM International, Inc.
Dallas Texas USA
Tel/Fax: (214) 696-2157

Fall Vegetable Gardening

Are you ready to plant your fall vegetable garden? We know the last thing you want to think about during these hot months is going outside and preparing a garden for the fall.  However, now is the best time to start preparing your space for a garden that will keep you and your family warm, happy, and full with delicious homemade soups made with your homegrown vegetables.
When deciding where to plant your vegetable garden, choose a space where you can get at least 6 hours of sun exposure and one that has good soil.  If you plant in a shady area, your vegetables will not grow.  Make sure the space is located in a place where you walk by every day to allow you to notice any issues that may arise.  Also, make sure the space is close to a water source.
Some of the fall favorites for vegetable gardens in Texas include garlic, broccoli, cabbage, green beans, carrots, squash, collards, and cucumbers.  Broccoli and cabbage are very popular and very successful winter crops for Texas gardeners.  
Gardens for Texas has installed numerous vegetable gardens successfully .  We would love to help you get started!

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