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Organic Land is Just a Phone Call Away

It's true!

You are what you eat.

When you eat nutritious without GMO's and/or pesticides, your body functions as nature intended, Better! We all know if you eat a carrot grown in Roundup, you eat poison. Truly organic land will be strong enough to keep weeds and pests away. It also attracts bees, butterflies, and humming birds. Lady bugs will also come to add so pest rid-ing power. Worms will reduce grubs that turn into beetles and a garden with strategically placed herbs will keep many harmful pests away.

A maximum bloom, high yield, eye pleasing, fragrant yard that repels pests and attracts humming birds..? Yes! Please.

green leaf  What is organic gardening?

It is the careful use of techniques and products that maintain soil health without the use of synthetic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers; increasing the bio-diversity in the garden as well as not exposing humans, animals and the multitude of life in a garden to toxic elements.

green leaf  Organic Approach

From design to installation to ongoing maintenance, Gardens for Texas uses an organic approach to gardening. We prefer to work with nature in our design process, soil improvement program, plant selection, pest and weed control, as well as our maintenance programs.

green leaf  Organic soil installation

One of the most important aspects of our installation process is preparing the soil for planting. We add a generous amount of compost to increase the bio-diversity of the existing soil therefore providing a healthy environment for growth. In addition we use native or adapted plants in our design process.

Soil, along with water, air, and sunlight, is one of the basic building blocks of life. Healthy organic soil is a balance of physics, chemistry and biology. It is a mixture of minerals, organic matter, living organisms, water and air. Healthy soil is aerated, rich in organic matter, and alive with insects, earthworms, and microscopic plants and animals. It is well drained, moist, and rich in a variety of minerals and nutrients.

green leaf  Process

Our process includes adding four inches of high quality organic compost to every bed we prepare may it be for seasonal color, shrubs or ground cover. We till in an organic fertilizer with the compost helping to enrich the planting areas. After we install the plants, we add a generous layer of mulch which will help with keeping the soil moist, prevent weed growth and decomposes to release nutrients back into the earth.

Plants that keep bugs away. Landscape company plano tx
Plants that keep bugs away
Organic Soil
Organic Soil
Organic Garden
Organic Garden
organic garden financial benefits
Organic Garden Financial Benefits

Grow your own food to save lots of $$

You might even make $$

Bring on the better tasting food!