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Landscape Design Challenge

This empty backyard was uninviting and dated. The large expanse of turf did nothing to entice the family to spend time in their yard. The small, unshaded patio seldom was used.

Our client envisioned a contemporary, multi-element outdoor living area that broke up the large empty space, provided a shaded patio area for dining and grilling, and created a new seating area in the far corner.


Gardens for Texas' landscape designer evaluated the site and proposed a complete makeover design solution.

  1. Remove turf, create walking paths, and expand patio
  2. Create multiple sections with choices for seating and walking
  3. Build wooden patio cover and deck
  4. Install outdoor grill and water fountain
  5. Install water-friendly plants and shrubs
  6. Connect sections with stone and mulch pathways
  7. Create new seating area surrounded by landscaping
outdoor seating landscape

Realizing Project

The vision requested by the client was realized. This teamwork resulted in inclusion of desired hardscape and soft-scape elements.

New landscaping has greatly enhanced the overall look and use of the back yard. Multiple shapes, textures, and design elements turned an empty and uninspiring back yard into an eye-catching and visually interesting space.

The garden features multiple features and walkways that improved the flow from the house, patio, garage and driveway.

Together we created an outdoor living area surrounded by beautiful landscape. It has become the contemporary garden sanctuary that the clients desired.

Completed Project

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