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Landscape Design Challenge

This client envisioned a multi-element Japanese Garden to enhance an awkward V-shaped space surrounding the garage. Existing features were fencing, an entry gate, mechanical equipment, and dead turf. It lacked any eye appeal and usefulness.


Gardens for Texas' landscape designer evaluated the site and proposed a design solution.

  • Create a harmonious area conducive to meditation
  • Create curved stone path from gate to patio
  • Create arbor and vines at gate to increase harmony
  • Create eye-appealing raking garden to reduce turf area
  • Create placement of art objects and boulders
  • Create complementary landscaped beds with drought-tolerant plants
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Realizing the Project


Uninspiring original stepping stones were completely removed. All outdated shrubbery and ground cover areas were removed. Turf in the project area was removed. Mechanical elements were disguised.


Our landscape design involved constructing a new space that connected access from four points (patio, house, garage, and gate).

A modern curved, stone and mulch pathway was constructed. It started at the gate, surrounded the Japanese garden, then meandered along the back fence to the opposite side of the property. This visually split the space and created multiple areas for installation of a variety of specialty gardens.

Organic compost and soil enhancements were installed in all plant bedding areas. Mulch was heavily laid to manage moisture and prevent weeds.

Completed Project


The Japanese Garden became a focal point in this major back yard, total makeover. It was integrated into the multi-element vision of the landscape plan that ties the garden to four entry points from the gate, house, garage, and patio.

The Japanese Garden not only provides interesting visual appeal, it is used as a sanctuary and calming activity during traditional raking and meditating activities by the homeowners.

With the completion of this total makeover, the homeowners now relax, meditate and entertain in their back yard.

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