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Landscape Design Challenge

Our client was motivated by extreme drought in Texas and water conservation mandates. The goal of this project was to remove water-thirsty turf by replacing it with a comprehensive water-saving front entry makeover.


Gardens for Texas' landscape designer evaluated the site and proposed a three-part design solution.

  1. Create patio area to reduce turf area
  2. Create eye-appealing sidewalk to reduce turf area
  3. Create complementary landscaped beds with drought-tolerant plants
meandering walkway installation and design
Gardens For Texas - Dallas Landscape and Design Meandering walkway

Realizing the Project

green leaf  DEMOLITION

The uninspiring original sidewalk was completely removed. All outdated shrubbery and ground cover areas were removed. Turf in project area was removed.

green leaf  CONSTRUCTION

Our three-part design involved creating a new outdoor patio to the left of the front door that incorporated an existing tree. Patio hardscape and walls complementing existing brickwork were installed.

A modern meandering sidewalk was constructed from the front door toward a new point of entry at the street sidewalk. It incorporated concrete and river rock elements to enhance drainage and eye-appeal.

Fill dirt was brought in to create a contoured raised bed effect along the meandering sidewalk.

Organic compost and soil enhancements were installed in all plant bedding areas. Mulch was heavily laid to manage moisture and prevent weeds.

A variety of drought-tolerant plants suited to the Texas climate were installed in multiple beds and containers along the new sidewalk and across the front of the home.

Completed Project

The clients accompanied our landscape designer and project manager to the local nursery to select native Texas drought-friendly plants for inclusion in the plant pallet.

The vision created by the client, who had an important role in the architectural design, was realized.

This teamwork resulted in inclusion of desired varieties and colors now thriving in their garden.

We created an inviting entry to home and outdoor living area surrounded by beautiful landscape.

Reduced turf in the front yard by one-third that resulted in lower water use.

New landscaping has greatly enhanced the overall look of the home. Multiple shapes, textures, and design elements turned an uninspiring facade into an eye-catching and visually interesting space.

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