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Landscape Design Challenge

This client wanted to liven up an expansive lawn that surrounded the front and side of the house. It lacked interest, dimension, and color mixture.The area was ideal for creating a large, yet low profile landscape feature.


Jamie evaluated the site and proposed a unique design solution.

  1. Create a complex labyrinth design utilizing stone and low growing shrubbery
  2. Enhance eye-appeal from the sidewalk and reduce turf area
  3. Result in a "wow" factor feature that invites friends and neighbors to enjoy
labyrinth landscape installation pre layout
Gardens For Texas - Dallas Landscape and Design Preparing sport for garden piece
labyrinth garden installation layout
Gardens For Texas - Dallas Landscape and Design Laying out border for garden piece
garden labyrinth landscape installation
Gardens For Texas - Dallas Landscape and Design Landscape installation under way

Realizing the Project

green leaf  DEMOLITION

Turf in the project area was removed following the proposed circular footprint of the labyrinth.

green leaf  CONSTRUCTION

Organic compost and soil enhancements were installed. Mulch was heavily laid to manage moisture and prevent weeds.

Large light-colored stone blocks were installed that completely encircled the labyrinth area to add texture, color, and dimension.

The landscape design was converted from a computer file to a large format pattern that could be laid out on the ground to guide the precision location and planting of shrubbery, designated pathways, and stone placement.

The plant pallet consisted of Dwarf Mondo Grass chosen to create a simple, visible border for the meditative path. Mondo Grass is a slow growing, non-invasive ground cover making it very easy to maintain.

Completed Project

We created an interesting labyrinth design that thrilled the homeowners. Neighbors walking by were encouraged to enjoy the labyrinth. Children especially enjoyed this unique lawn feature. The low growing plant pallet made it easy for the youngsters to navigate.

  1. Reduced turf in this area of yard has resulted in lower water use.
  2. New landscaping has greatly enhanced the overall look of the home.
  3. This "wow" factor feature turned an uninspiring area into an eye-catching and visually interesting space.
Labyrinth garden landscape installation complete
Gardens For Texas - Dallas Landscape and Design Labyrinth garden complete
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