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Far from being 'zero-scaping', this method is based on reducing water-hungry turf space, using drought-tolerant plants, and increasing shade elements to reduce water loss lowering your amount of maintenance and save on your water usage. Installing rain barrels, using bioswales, and dry creeks are techniques Gardens For Texas incorporates along with placing the right plants to make a thriving xeriscape garden.

Bioswales are landscape features that collect polluted storm water runoff, soak it into the ground, and filter out pollution. Bioswales are similar to rain gardens but are designed to capture much more runoff coming from larger areas of impervious surfaces like streets and parking lots.

Gardens For Texas - Dallas Landscape and Design  XERISCAPE PRINCIPLES

Xeriscape landscaping reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water from irrigation. The aim is to have a beautiful garden, not a thirsty one! Gardens for Texas can design and build a xeriscape garden for you that will reduce water usage, encourage strong and healthy plants, and reduce the amount of time spent on tending them. When water-saving mandates are in place, you are ready to meet compliance requirements.

Gardens For Texas - Dallas Landscape and Design  WATER FRIENDLY CONCEPT

Along with choosing suitable Texas native and water-friendly plants for a thriving xeriscape garden, we highly recommend installing rain barrels to capture nature's gift of life. Fifty-gallon barrels conserve water for the stretch of summer that is without rain. Usually placed at an existing rain gutter spout, we can incorporate rain barrels in your garden that blend well with your surrounding plants. If a rain gutter spout is not near your garden, we choose suitable spots that make them convenient for watering and look appealing.

xeriscape path
Gardens For Texas - Dallas Landscape and Design Lush xeriscape path that thrives with little water
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Gardens For Texas - Dallas Landscape and Design Patio view of xeriscaped yard
"More shade and less water waste. I want that." --wise woman
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